Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mysterious Chapel Art

This mysterious cross, discovered by Prof. Serk in the dorm building Streiter, depicts Christ forged from scraps of metal with a crown of thorns made of nails. Serk was teaching a class in Streiter, and when she saw this cross in a storage room in the basement, she realized the room most likely had been used as a chapel space by students years ago. She was also confidant that this was a Marxhausen.

The materials are certainly similar to those Marxhausen used in many of his works, and the time would be right. This would have been used in chapels during the years when Marxhausen was teaching at Concordia. When Serk was a student, Marxhausen was still the only art prof.

I would wager that this was by Marxhausen. At the very least, it must have been done by one of his students, using the techniques he taught in his classes.

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