Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Light's effect on an ominous tree

As part of this blog, I make an effort to see things in nature which light is affecting in an unusual way. This intriguing tree outside Weller first captured my interest months ago because it looks like it has an eye and evil grin. I snapped a photo thinking I'd wait and see if light changed this tree very much.

Marxhausen called seeing an aggressive act, and taught his students about how light can change things dramatically.

Two weeks ago, I saw an optical illusion created by light which dramatically changed this tree. There were storms east of Seward, so while the ca
mpus was full of sunlight that day, the sky to the east was dark blue and gloomy.

During the Spring Weekend celebration, as I walked home from Weller, I glanced the tree and it appeared someone had spray painted the back of it fluorescent orange. Could it be a prank, or some event? As I turned the corner however, I discovered the illusion was being created by a secondary light source, orange artificial light.
I had walked by this tree often, but this was the only night where the illusion was created. My theory is that because it was a stormy day, and the sky was dark blue, the orange looked more intense compared to everything else, which was lit by natural light with a blue hue.

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